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Values - a series of three workshops

  • Halton & St Helens VCA Lugsdale Road Widnes, England, WA8 6DB United Kingdom (map)

Brought to you by Halton and St Helens VCA In association with Magma Effect.

Each of us has a unique personal pattern of priority values.

Our values are closely interwoven with our sense of ‘self’. One the biggest challenges for any of us in any role is being confident in ‘who’ we are and how someone like us thinks and speaks.

With greater insight into our own values, and how those values influence and inform our behaviour, we can better understand the meaning we make of situations. We can also bring a deeper authenticity to our relationships with others creating positive impacts on our resilience and both our capacity to exercise leadership and to be innovative.

Ninety minutes of discussion, small group work and individual tasks across three topics to develop actionable insights into what makes us tick and how to keep it ticking...

Resilience (10am – 11.30am) - There are aspects of our biology as human animals which date back 65 million years and we are not getting a software update any time soon. How can we overcome our ‘fight or flight’ instincts and work with what nature has given us to be our best self? Drawing on published work by Prof Amy Cuddy, Dr Susan David, and Prof Brene Brown we will consider what the research says about the role of values in resilience to identify positive practical steps to take in the future.

Leadership (12.30pm – 2pm) - In a rejection of ‘fake news’ and rising mistrust there is an increasing appetite for ‘authenticity’ in leadership. What lies at the heart of you at your most inspirational? How can you use values to stay motivated and motivate others under changing circumstances? Using research by Prof Adam Grant and Dan Pink we will explore what science currently says and how we can use that insight.

Innovation (3pm – 4.30pm) - More with less, cheaper, faster, better there is no sign of the pressure to innovate going away. So what is innovation anyway? Are there particular values that unlock innovation? And what part can values play in creating the conditions under which innovation becomes more likely? Work by Prof Amy Edmondson on ‘psychological safety’ has much to teach us here.

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