The Northern Power Women movement launches new festival for future leaders

The Northern Power Women movement are hosting a unique, affordable, two-day festival in Manchester which is aimed at those wanting to have a voice and place in the future of the North. Whether you are pre work early or mid working life and want to super charge your careers or have a voice in the future of the northern power house or simply share your opinion with a diverse audience.. This is the first of two festivals, with the second taking place in Newcastle early next year.

The Northern Power Futures Festival, which will be taking place at Manchester Central Convention Complex on November 23-24, will include a range of inspiring speakers, various discussion panels and workshops on practical skills. Attendees will also be able to join in with conversations on the economy, technology, workplace culture, lifestyle, wellbeing and business.  

The event will be spilt over three different stages – visual, practical and a main stage, which will allow delegates flexibility to attend whichever sessions appeal to them the most. The festival goers will also be able to develop a further understanding about what they’d like from their future career, be able to gain insight into the makings of a work-life balance and also learn what challenges are facing the North.

Simone Roche MBE, founder of Northern Power Women said: “We have such fantastic talent in the North and it’s about time we started to shout out about some of the great work that is taking place across our regions. We want our future generation to feel empowered, inspired and motivated so they feel they can achieve anything without any barriers. This type of festival has never been done before in the North and its main aim is to bring people together so we can learn from each other and continue pushing out the boundaries.”  

This high-impact expo is hoping to attract an audience of around 2000 over the two days bringing fresh voices of the North together in one gigantic movement.

The event is welcomed by top leaders from across the North and is supported by Andy Burnham, Mayor of Manchester, who said: “I am delighted to support Northern Power Futures and their incredible work inspiring our future GM leaders and providing them with an opportunity to create, learn and develop their careers."

Tickets are currently on sale and can be purchased from £30: