CIPD Annual Conference & Exhibition: Predicted Highlights

Although I can't afford to go to the conference itself, I will definitely be attending some of the free learning events at at exhibition at Manchester Central.

Here are some of my predicted highlights:

Wednesday 9th November:

  • 10.30-11:  Shifting Away from Annual Performance Reviews to Increase Productivity and Engagement

    Exhibitor: Cornerstone OnDemand

    Area: Productivity & People Insights

    Details: A session to help understand why forward-thinking organisations have shifted away from annual performance reviews to an ongoing feedback model – and how this model increases employee engagement and productivity.

  •  12-12.30: What is HR and L&D’s Role in Developing Ethical Cultures?

    Area: Productivity & People Insights

    Details: It seems that, as a society, we’re never long between corporate scandals these days; we lurch from one to the next with worrying speed. Such scandals raise difficult but necessary questions for HR and businesses alike.

    Join us as we ask: 
    • how do you build a culture of trust and accountability? 
    • why do scandals happen even though everyone is ‘following the rules’? And what can we do about it? 
    • what’s the role of leadership in setting an ‘ethical’ tone?

  • 12.45-13.15: Getting Recognition Right

    Exhibitor: O.C. Tanner Ltd

    Area: Productivity & People Insights

    Details: Giving recognition but not getting great results? We all understand why we should appreciate our employees, but knowing how to do it the right way can sometimes be unclear.  Join us as we share lots of helpful tips and tools to create meaningful recognition moments.

  • 13.00-13.15: Growing your Health and Well-being Agenda: an interview with Prof Sir Cary Cooper

    Area: HR Trends and Essentials

    Interview with a Conference Speaker 

    Details: Despite increased business awareness of the importance of actively supporting health and well-being in the workplace, there remains a ‘stubborn implementation gap’ in UK workplaces, which is threatening individuals’ health and long-term business sustainability. Join Prof Sir Cary Cooper and Dr Jill Miller as they explore how to address the issue, including: 
    • examining what a healthy workplace looks like and HR’s critical role in keeping finger on the pulse
    • moving the employee well-being agenda forward in your organisation; turning aspiration into reality
    • why the HR profession should be viewed as the key enabler in raising the profile of employee well-being

  • 13.15 - 13.45: Using HR Technology to Manage Change During Turbulent Economic Times

    Exhibitor: Cascade Human Resources Limited

    Area: Future of Work

    Details: External forces are influencing organisational change perhaps more than ever before. The session will give you an overview of how can HR technology help manage this change and volatility; safeguard employee productivity, morale and retention; and protect business profitability.

  • 14.15-14.45: Your culture is your brand. And your talent is watching

    Exhibitor: Reed Specialist Recruitment

    Area: Productivity & People Insights

    Details: Understanding how to create & leverage your brand is key to engagement, retention and attraction of top talent. And your employees are key. Find out how & why.

  • 14.30-15.00: Engaging and Empowering Millennials

    Exhibitor: Dale Carnegie UK

    Area: HR Trends and Essentials

    Explore ways for Millennials to flourish at work.  This latest highly-scrutinised generation has a new social mindset and is changing how work gets done.

  • 16.30-17.00: Keeping Your Employees Engaged in the Rapidly Changing Work Environment

    Exhibitor: HappyOrNot Ltd

    Area: Productivity & People Insights

    Details: The work environment is in constant evolution. Successful companies must be aware of the workplace atmosphere by collecting continuous employee feedback to act quickly, rather than wait for annual surveys.

Thursday 10th November:

  • 9.15-9.45: Push the Button - applying the science of reward and motivation to the workplace

Exhibitor: One4all Rewards

Area: HR Trends and Essentials

Details: This talk will present our research into how rewards and incentives change worker behaviour, including insight into key non-financial rewards and optimal application of reward programmes.

  • 11.45-12.15: Valuing your Talent: why organisations should measure and report on their human capital

Area: Future of Work

CIPD Insights 

Details: Valuing your Talent helps employers and HR professionals understand how people impact organisational performance. We’ll discuss the challenges and opportunities of measuring and reporting human capital, including: 
• insights on how human capital analytics and reporting is improving performance
• an update and discussion on the Valuing your Talent framework
• how to make more effective use of HR analytics

  • 13.00-13.30: Everything you Need to Know about ‘Always-on’ Employee Engagement

Exhibitor: Hive

Area: HR Trends and Essentials

Engagement is a hot topic, but what is it? Discover how to best adopt it, considerations in order to prepare for it and how to master the challenges associated with it.

  •  13.45-14.15: “An organisation full of leaders”: from pipe dream to reality

Exhibitor: Potentialife

Area: Productivity & People Insights

Organisations now require leaders at all levels. Yet, until recently, HR has struggled to deliver on the promise. Our former McKinsey behavioural scientist will explain for the first time how neuroscience, positive psychology and technology have combined to make it a reality – if the organisation is ready.

  • 14.30-15.00: Communicating your Employee Value Proposition through your Candidate Journey

Exhibitor: 360 Resourcing Solutions Limited

Area: Productivity & People Insights

Discover how to develop and promote your employer value proposition to attract and retain the best talent for your business, including EVP implementation strategies and communication techniques.

  • 14.45-15.15: The value of mobile and social HR – Maximising your People Experience

Exhibitor: Access Group

Area: Future of Work

Promoting social values is one way organisations are changing and adapting to the digital world incorporating the nexus of forces and the use of technology to demonstrate the value of ROI. the session discuss the social landscape and the impact of HR functions to connect the value of business, people and social capital.

  • 15.30-16.00: Driving engagement, development and performance through leadership climate

Exhibitor: JCA Global

Area: Future of Work

‘How it feels to work here’ has a big impact on employee engagement and well-being as well as the bottom line and performance of an organisation. Join us as we share our cutting edge research into leadership climate, and learn how you can apply Emotional Intelligence to achieve tangible business impact.